MRBA Fundraising Week starts Monday, October 16.

Not signed up yet?   Don’t worry.  It’s not too late.  Just email to tell us you want to raise some money for us, send us a copy of your organisation’s logo and we’ll put it up on our site.  Please have a look at the support materials we’re providing to our  MRBA Fundraising Champions.

Are you in good company?  Here’s the list of organisations signed up to support us during the week.

Need some inspiration?  Check out  our list of fundraising ideas on our fundraising week page.

Too busy to plan anything by next week?  No problem. Why not put a bucket, jar or pot in your office lobby or common areas with our bucket label  asking staff and clients to donate to us during the week.   If you decide you want to plan something later in October or early November, we’ll be happy to accept your donations then.  Just let us know by emailing

Tell us your plans and send us your photos and we’ll share them on social media.

Thank you in advance and Happy Fundraising!