MRBA Fundraising Week 16-20 October

Well, it was a great #mrbaweek.  Our supporters were busy out there baking, quizzing, raffling and lucky dipping as well as scavenging and dressing up all in aid of MRBA ‘Helping Researchers in Need’ Fundraising Week.  Thank you all so much!  Please continue to tell us what you did and send us your photos as well as share them on social media. So far you’ve managed to raise an amazing £4,773.61, and we know there is more to come in.  That brings the total raised from donations, sponsorship and fundraising activities so far in 2017 to £24,000.

Finished Fundraising?

Bravo!  Well done and thank you!

So now the easiest way for you to send us the money you’ve raised for us is to do this via Virgin Money here on our website.

Here are some basic instructions:

  1. Go to the donations section of our website here.  This will take you to our Virgin Money page.
  2. On the left you will see a blue bordered box and in that box is the word “Campaigns’. Click on Campaigns. This takes you to the page where you can start the donation process.
  3. Select MRBA Fundraising Week 2017.
  4. Click on the Give Now button to the right and scroll down indicating he amount you are donating and then follow the rest of the instructions.
  5. Don’t forget to tell us this is an MRBA Week 2017  donation in the Message Box and give us your organisation’s Name in the Name Box so we can acknowledge your donation and send you a certificate thanking you for your participation in due course.


Thank you to the organisations signed up to MRBA Week 2017


The Research Club


MRBA Fundraising Week Support Materials

We’ve produced some support materials to help you make your fundraising plans a success.  They include:

  1. Fundraising Week Charity Bucket label Jun 2017
  2. Posters you can customise to promote your fundraising events MRBA Week Poster A4  MRBA Week Poster A3 Word
  3. Information about MRBA you can give to staff so they know more about our work About the MRBA Info Sheet Jun 2017
  4. An information sheet about the real people we’ve helped and what your donations mean to them
  5. An email signature you can add to the bottom of your emails to promote MRBA Fundraising Week 16-20 October 2017 email signature logo for MRBA Fundraising Week 2017
  6. A T-shirt decal (reversed) which you can iron onto t-shirts for your fundraising organisers
  7. List of Fundraising Ideas Fundraising List June 2017 SR
  8. 1977 Quiz without answers with 20 trivia questions from 1977 which was developed for our 40th Anniversary Party.  If you want to use this Quiz in your fundraising, please do.  And if you want the Quiz Answers, just email and we’ll send them to you.