The Committee consists of six Trustees and three co-opted members. Elections take place at the MRBA’s Annual General Meeting in September when new candidates may also stand.

Meet our 2017 Committee

Ian Brace, Chairman

After more than 40 years as a market researcher, mostly within research agencies, I am now retired from full time work, although I continue to work on a consultancy basis. I originally trained as a statistician, but ended up running a marketing science team.  Most of my career has been in project design and analysis and project management.  I’m also a Fellow of the MRS.


Marian Stringer, National Cases Manager

I started as an interviewer in the 1970s when my children were young. I gradually worked my way up to Field Director in the 1980s and a board director in 1995. Having worked at the different levels, I met many people, particularly interviewers, who desperately needed help and support. This made me realise how necessary the MRBA was to the industry, so in the late 1990s I joined the Committee. I work closely with the people who come to us, and am delighted that MRBA is frequently able to offer help in times of need.


Mike Wooderson, (co-opted), Technology

As MD of Cobalt Sky which has been a long-time MRBA supporter, we provide IT services to the research industry so I bring a different perspective to the Committee. I’ve been working on this website and hope to be able to help attract more technical staff in need in the industry, to approach MRBA for help. In addition, I hope to provide advice on how MRBA can better connect and improve its profile with a younger audience in this digital age.


Gill Welch, (co-opted), Benefits

I worked in market research for over 30 years which covered almost every market sector and research technique – both qualitative and quantitative and latterly specialising in the Media and Retail sectors.   I was a User member  on the IQCS committee, for a number if years, so has some experience of the needs of fieldworkers and others on the admin side as well as on the exec side of the business.

Since ‘retiring’ – at least from paid work –I’ve taken up a new ‘career’ as a volunteer generalist adviser with her local Citizens Advice. It’s really interesting and rewarding.  This led to MRBA  approaching me to bring this knowledge to the committee by providing guidance on where our applicants and our Regional Managers can go to get advice and/or help for the various difficulties our applicants find themselves faced with.



Jane Frost, CBE (co-opted)

As CEO of MRS and with over 30 years experience at board level in marketing and strategy positions at blue-chip organisations, I come from the ‘client’ side. I am currently leading radical change at MRS and provide an important link between the industry’s association and its charity.




Claire Harris, Patrons and Friends Campaign

A market researcher with over 30 years in the industry, I’m a Fellow of the Market Research Society and specialise in the design, evaluation, re-engineering and implementation of large continuous market research programmes. I have been on the MRBA Committee for more than 10 years, and am very proud to have introduced the concept of Corporate Patrons and Corporate Friends, a programme I continue to oversee.

In addition to my MRBA and market research work, I am a magistrate (JP), which adds a further fascinating dimension to my life; as does my role as secretary of a boat club (a result of having a small river boat, on a beautiful Welsh canal).


Linda Henshall, Fundraising

I came into market research in 1975 as a BBC daily survey interviewer. After working as a supervisor for several companies, I started NFC in 1983 and am still running it today. After 10 years on MRS Council, I was asked to join the MRBA board in 2004 and have been fundraising ever since. I received a Fellowship of the MRS in 2005



Virginia Monk, MRBA Skills

Overseeing the growth of research agency, Motif, where I’ve been shaping its future direction and strategy, I have over 35 years expertise working closely with clients to solve business problems and drive more profitable relationships with their customers. I am an MRS Full member and just been made an MRS Fellow.  I am a member of the International Journal of Market Research Editorial advisory board.  I’m also spearheading MRBA Skills – the MRBA’s new bursary scheme to help UK researchers improve their skills and career prospects in our industry.


Jennifer Roberton, Marketing

As MD of respondi, UK, I’ve been at the forefront of online research in the UK, Europe and beyond.  Instrumental in shifting analytical models from those based on self-reporting of consumer behaviour to the fusion of data from a broad variety of sources, including the integration of consumers’ passive online behaviour, I specialise in complex comparative and multi-country research projects that benefit commercial clients and society as a whole.