If You Need Financial Help: What We Can Offer

We provide financial help, advice and assistance to anyone who works, or has worked in market research, and to their immediate families. Every person’s situation is different. We treat every applicant individually and in total confidence with as much care and sensitivity as possible. Current or previous membership of the MRS or MRBA is not a requirement.


Outright grants are awarded to some applicants depending on their circumstances, the urgency of the case and the Regional Manager’s report.  These do not need to be repaid.

Interest-free loans

In other instances, an interest-free loan may be offered to some applicants.  But their ability to re-pay is always taken into account and the MRBA endeavours to make the payment terms affordable and in a realistic timescale.


Many of our Regional Managers as well as our National Cases Manager, have been handling cases for many years so they are very experienced at providing advice and support to applicants who come to us with a wide variety of issues. They often work with other agencies and volunteer organisations in their local areas and can help ensure their cases get the best outside advice and support possible.

The type of help we provide

Typically we provide:

1  Illness or accident assistance

About two-thirds of the cases we receive are the result of an applicant, or a member of his/her immediate family’s unexpected illness or injury.  Often we give funds to help purchase wheel chairs or other medical equipment; or provide treatments not covered by the NHS.

2  Help with convalescence

We operate a special Convalescence Fund to help ill or incapacitated research colleagues recuperate in a nursing home/hospice; or cover other medical expenses.

3  Debt support

In cooperation with other specialist agencies, we have worked with applicants to help them cope with mounting debts, persistent creditors or when necessary, declaring bankruptcy.  Through our encouragement and support, colleagues can get their debts under control.

4  Bereavement support

We have also helped numerous colleagues cope with the emotional and financial implications of losing a loved one.

5  Emergency car or house repairs

In about 10 per cent of the cases we handle, people have problems with their car – their main mode of transport to get to them to and from work.  In special circumstances we have also provided immediate funds to help pay for urgent household repairs.

6 Help with funeral expenses

In some cases we can help with the mounting costs of funeral expenses for a partner or an immediate family member.

If you or someone you know needs our help,

please contact Danielle Scott for a confidential chat

on 0845 652 03030, or email her