Case Studies – Kirsty

“The MRBA’s approach is kind and non-judgemental.”


“The MRBA was also great in other ways, including providing advice and support,” says Kirsty.

This is Kirsty’s story.

Kirsty, (not her real name) has been working in market research for over 15 years.  She started her career as an interviewer, and then worked up the ranks to become a coder, research executive and eventually a senior research executive.

But with the difficult economic climate, she lost her job last year, and was out of work for 12 months. Divorced with an 18 year old son, Kirsty also had some debts.  Unable to find work, Kirsty was distressed. “I wasn’t really coping very well and was burying my head in the sand.  Initially I had some help from my family, but I couldn’t continue to rely on that.

“I heard about the MRBA from a colleague and friend. So I bit the bullet and gave the association a call.  I was sent an application form, which I filled in. Then, Regional Manager Sue Ward came out to see me.  She was lovely.  The whole process took about 6 weeks from filling in the form, returning it, meeting Sue and then getting the funds from the MRBA.  Everyone was very helpful and empathetic and no one made me feel embarrassed in any way about asking for help.

“The MRBA was also great in other ways, including providing advice and support.  Its financial aid meant I was able to get my debts under better control and concentrate on the job search.

“The MRBA’s approach was kind and non-judgemental and I would encourage others to give them a call if, like me, they have nowhere else to turn. “