Case Studies – Julie

“For me, the MRBA provides a vital life line to people.” 


“Thanks to the MRBA, I’m enjoying the view from my window, the chance to get out a bit and all those little things so many of us take for granted,” says Julie.

This is Julie’s story

With over 21 years working in the market research industry as an interviewer, Julie (not her real name) has been incredibly grateful for the financial support the MRBA has given her over the last few years.  Plagued by illness which led to numerous operations and resulted in a series of complications and infections – including a long battle with the MRSA bug – Julie was under financial strain after spending 10 months in hospital.  She learned about the MRBA when she read about it in an MRS publication and decided to contact the Association to see if it could help.

“During my traumas, the MRBA was brilliant,” explains Julie.  “I don’t know how the family would have coped without everyone’s understanding and support.  For example, as I often fainted when I was out and about, the MRBA bought me a folding stick and a medi-alert tag to show people that I was not passing out because I was drunk, but because I had a serious medical condition.  The Association gave me money (see our Grants information to re-configure the family bathroom so it was easier for me.

“If that wasn’t enough, then I contracted fibromyalgia.  The MRBA paid for weekly massages which made a huge difference in helping me cope with the pain, by relaxing me.  In addition, they paid for me to recover in a convalescence home for a week, which meant I came home rested and much stronger.

“Life is pretty good now.  The boys have been wonderful carers to me, and as a family, we’re much stronger.”