Case Studies – Craig

 “If you need help and support, the MRBA is there for you.”


“I was pretty fit before my accident…Now I’m now trying to pick up the pieces of my life again…(and) I’m very grateful to the MRBA for its support…,” says Craig

This is Craig’s story.

So says, Craig (not his real name).  Craig has been working as a face-to-face interviewer for over 10 years.  One evening on his way home from work, Craig had a serious accident.  Trying to avoid hitting a dog, he swerved his small car right into an oncoming vehicle.  Both cars were travelling at over 50 mph, so the impact was severe.  Lucky to be alive, it took over an hour to cut Craig from the wreckage.  With both lungs punctured, three cracked ribs, two fractured hips, a broken arm and a shattered wrist, Craig spent a week in intensive care.

Craig explains, “The accident meant I wasn’t able to work for a long time.  My bills were piling up and I was getting pretty desperate.   I didn’t know where to turn.  I’d never heard about the MRBA, but fortunately my area manager had.  So she suggested I contact the MRBA to see if it could help me.

“Delphine Anderson, my MRBA Regional Manager, came to see me in hospital.  She was very nice, friendly and incredibly sympathetic.  Without much delay, the MRBA agreed to pay one of my bigger bills which made a huge difference.

“I was pretty fit before my accident so now, about eight months on, I’m almost 95% recovered.  I’m back at work full-time trying to pick up the pieces of my life again.  I’m very grateful to the MRBA for its support and urge anyone in a similar situation to get in touch with the Association for help.”