Case Studies – Andy

“It was great to know that the MRBA actually cared.” 


Andy used MRBA funds for treatment to help him cope with his Parkinson’s disease.

This is Andy’s story.

Andy (not his real name) is a researcher of many years standing.  He developed Parkinson’s disease several years ago.   His condition gradually deteriorated over time and eventually Andy had to give up his job. This meant his family had to resort to living on benefits, putting a severe strain on their finances.

To help Andy cope with the disease better, his doctor recommended acupuncture and his physiotherapist suggested he buy an exercise bicycle to build up his stamina.  “Unfortunately the NHS stopped funding my acupuncture, which I found really helped me, and we certainly didn’t have any extra money for the bicycle either,” says Andy.  After speaking to a former colleague, Andy approached the MRBA to see if the Association might be able to assist.

“I would like to thank the MRBA so much for the help and financial support I received to continue with several more acupuncture sessions and to purchase the bicycle,” explains Andy.  “I so appreciated the Association taking the time to actually show that somebody cared for me, when there was no help from elsewhere.”