Applying for Financial Help

We understand having to admit that you may be in financial distress is difficult, and asking for help may be even harder.  Sometimes people just need someone to talk to.  In other cases we may elect to give an outright grant  which does not need to be re-paid, or an interest-free loan  with payment terms based on an individual’s ability to pay back when circumstances improve.

How to apply

To apply for financial help, please contact Danielle Scott, our Secretary/Treasurer on 0845 652 0303, or email her.  Your discussion will be in total confidence.  She will then assign you to an MRBA Regional Manager in your area and send you an application form.  Your Regional Manager will get in touch with you and help you throughout the application process.  For more information about the application process, please ask for a copy of our Applicant’s Information Sheet.

How long does the application process take?

After meeting you, your Regional Manager will take your application form and provide a summary report.  All cases are then reviewed by the MRBA Committee  – a committee of elected volunteers from across the industry.  The Committee meets approximately every six weeks.  Your Regional Manager will let you know whether and how we are able to help.

Help in an emergency

One key aspect of the MRBA is the need to respond quickly and flexibly to any emergency.  Often we don’t hear from applicants until things get desperate and a crisis is brewing.  In these cases there is a fast-track procedure where a sub-group can make decisions quickly when needed.