Regional Managers

Early on it became obvious that applications for help could come from anyone in diverse circumstances from anywhere across the UK.  So the eventual solution was to set up a network of Regional Managers in 1993 to provide assistance to people in their geographic locations.  Jennifer Bowen after her retirement from the Management Committee  became the overall National Cases Manager who coordinated the network until the end of 1997 when Marian Stringer took over this post.

But the MRBA provides more than just financial support to those in need.  Often more importantly, it provides reassurance that there is a person within the MRBA organisation who is prepared to listen, offer ‘a shoulder to cry on’, and give some basic advice as well.

Our Regional Managers include:

  • Marian Stringer, National Cases Manager with Mary Williams (East Anglia and South East England)
  • Delphine Anderson (Yorkshire and Midlands)
  • Kathleen Hamilton (North of England and Scotland)
  • Mary Haynes (Northwest and North Wales)
  • Sue Ward (London and South England)
  • John Rose (Southwest England)